Promising exhibitions ahead, this financial year!

The new business season brings in new hopes and you might have planned your business goals with great attention and enthusiasm. If you are an experienced exhibitor you will have the details of all your previous events attended and so you will definitely be keener on your success mantra.

It’s time to show up at your familiar tradeshows more stunningly and surprise your clients. You can expand your brand visibility even more by attending new shows that is relevant to you.  In the 21st century business it’s important to stay up to date with the trends & techniques to ensure a successful exhibition which is hassle-free and economical at the same time.   

Your search for an economic exhibition ends here!

A new invention has taken place in the exhibition industry- the ExhiBest; an economical, reusable, re-configurable and eco-friendly exhibition stand solution by InstoreMasters. This has open up new ways to keep your business intact and increase sales.

Exhibitions are going to be easier than ever before! Now is the time to do all you can, to stay upbeat.

ExhiBest is all about getting a little more than what you have expected from your exhibition stand. It is a unique system meant for exhibition stands and road show kiosks whose core system consists of an award winning combination of aluminium extrusions from UK and Italy. ExhiBest is highly convenient for exhibitors who exhibit multiple-times a year, at different locations. It is easy to set up, transport and exceedingly economical. You can either buy or hire an ExhiBest kit. Both the options are available with even more surprising offers like free design templates. 

Imagine a network that can connect and solve all your exhibition needs around the globe. Through ExhiBest partner community network we accomplish all your multinational exhibitions just by moving your projects among our partners thus eliminating the cost of hotel bills, shipping and air fare without compromising time and quality.

ExhiBest helps your brand get a flamboyant look each time with slight modifications in the design and add-ons, which can be done easily. No shopper would be willing to miss out a wonderful exhibition store like yours which is marvellously made the best through ExhiBest.

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