What do colors speak at trade shows?

The success or failure of your exhibition can sometimes be decided by some unexpected factors like the color theme chosen.  Color appears everywhere; in your logo, brochure, business gifts etc., but it makes the greatest impact in your trade show displays. Even if your brand is small, you can make your trade show attractive by choosing colors that speaks to your target market. This article throws light towards that very imperative aspect to be taken care of while selecting your trade show display. 

Colors are classified into cool and warm colors. Blue, green and white are cool colors which have a stimulating effect.  The warm colors being red, orange and yellow, have a calming effect. 

Color urges us to act, seize our instincts and influence our buying decisions. Color connects your display to your product. Displays with too many colors are difficult to recognize and remember. Most of the big brands have two main colors to promote their brand message. If you've hired an exhibit designer, the designer can help you find out the most appropriate color scheme for your booth based on your product, marketing goals and your color preferences. 

Some products can be uninspiring visually but an attractive display to speak for it can give it a lift. If your product comes under this category; such as automotive parts, hardware items, software etc. then you must create a display that compensates that visual appeal that your product lacks. You can select a strong color for your display that draws attention to the product without overshadowing it. If your product lends itself to color, such as cosmetics, clothing, etc. then you can go with the color of the product by making the display blend in with subtle tones.

What do colors speak to customers? Go through the following info graphics by Marketo! Top brands within similar categories use similar colors to represent their brand image. The most popular colors among big brands are blue, red, black and yellow. Studies say that a brand’s color can influence 60 to 80 percent of customer’s buying decisions.

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